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Seahawks' Richard Sherman Won't Stop Talking In Face Of Peyton Manning, Broncos ? And Any Vanquished 49er

Why the venom? What happened to start this? "He said something to me personally," Sherman said. "So I'm gonna make it tough on him the rest of workouts his career." There was little soaking up of the glorious moment. There was much soaking up of the moment when a rival was taught a lesson. Sherman was asked about the choke sign he directed at the visit their website Niners' sideline. Was muscle building that for coach Jim Harbaugh?
Source: http://sports.yahoo.com/news/seahawks--richard-sherman-won-t-stop-talking-in-face-of-peyton-manning--broncos--ndash--and-any-vanquished-49er-061904700-nfl.html

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