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Losing Health Insurance For 2014

jim brumfield Finally, an exchange agent advised her to write an appeal letter, which she did. This week, she updated blog post got a response from the exchange's appeals division informing her to apply for PeachCare and that the state agency would tell her what to do from there. She did and plans to follow up with the agency this week. Smith was not able to get far enough through the process to know what her family's premium or deductibles would be under Obamacare because she could not get a quote for the entire family. One call center agent quoted her click here to read a price in the $300 range just for her and her husband. She thinks she'll qualify for a subsidy and be able to get a policy that's at least as good as her old one. Meanwhile, she's losing sleep over the fact that her family has no health insurance and telling her sons not to play too rough.
More: http://money.cnn.com/2014/01/09/news/economy/losing-health-insurance/index.html

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