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Zbff In Vote Of No Confidence

body building We want these guys to go, he said. But Mukupa said the all confusion has arisen from the suspension of four times workouts for men Mr. Zambia Sylvester Mwila for indiscipline. Mukupa vowed not to bow to pressure from bodybuilders and lift the suspension slapped on Mwila. He said people who attended the meeting do not appreciate many things that his executive has brought to sport. This is indiscipline and we are not going to tolerate visit site this behaviour. The people organising the same meeting called us on Thursday they wanted us to attend but we cant do that because even in football players cant invite FAZ officials for a meeting to discuss administrative issues, Mukupa said. Mukupa said his executive has done a lot for sport such as taking Mr. Zambia to Copperbelt and taking bodybuilders to participate in Mr.
Full story http://daily-mail.co.zm/blog/2014/01/06/zbff-in-vote-of-no-confidence/

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